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Terry Synnott

Sponsors – MODE Skateboards, Oust Bearings, Fly Paper Griptape, Khiro Skateboard Products

From – Portsmouth, RI

Resides – Jacksonville, FL

Skating since – 1985

Favorite skate videos – Skateboard Madness, Bones Brigade Video Show

First setup – Powell-Peralta Mike McGill with Tracker Six Tracks and Bones Three wheels

Favorite skateboarders – Henry Candioti, Rob Rodrigues, Joe Humeres, Per Welinder,

Kevin Harris, Jeff Phillips, Neil Blender, Allen Losi, Duane Peters

Favorite skate spot – 9-foot bowl at Skater Island; any smooth, flat freestyle spot

Occupation – Reporter/copy editor turned Cirque du Soleil skateboarder turned union scenic artist turned research analyst

Terry runs MODE Skateboards with his wife, Jenna. She handles most of the graphic design while he does all the screen printing of the decks. Terry performed as a skateboarder for four seasons in a Cirque du Soleil show at the theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The show premiered in late 2007 and ended its run in early 2011.